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Issued on 22/02/17 At 18:05

Still earlier in 2017! This statement can be applied both to the launch of the international season and to the age of the OK-Junior and OK drivers. The 2017 calendar started at the end of January with the WSK Champions Cup on the Adria circuit, followed by a week later by the first WSK Super Master Series event on the same track. Although the numbers were up to par with the presence of most of the drivers and teams, the weather proved to be too extreme for kart racing. The cold of the Champions Cup was succeeded by the constant and very cool humidity of the Super Master Series. In the memory of a specialist, there had not been a competition run entirely in rain tyres for several decades. This was probably not the best debut for young drivers learning about OK-Junior aged under 12 years or OK at under 14 years ...



Fortunately, the pleasant weather that prevailed on Lonato after mid-February gave everyone a smile, or almost everyone. The favourable conditions of the 22nd Winter Cup made it the true opening of the season and those involved were able to express themselves significantly. Although it is still too early to draw a definitive balance sheet, it was found that the one-year lowering of the access age to the OK and OK-Junior international categories was not a particular problem. As expected, the OK entry has already registered a significant increase. The ex-juniors moving up in numbers to OK soon proved themselves up to the standard of their elders who were much more experienced, to the point of challenging for victory without any hesitation.

The OK-Junior standard is no longer as high as in the past and the hierarchy is far from fixed. The category appears as a good entry to high level competition and it may well be no longer necessary to complete several seasons in Junior. Its attractiveness has been widened and there are hopes for greater democratisation at the international level.

The European series for Rotax and X30 have also started, but the number of drivers is not yet up to the reputation of these two generally appreciated brand trophies.


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